Customized Ponds & Water Features

Design Your Backyard Oasis

At Hahn’s Ponds, we turn dreams into reality. We’re here to help you design, install, and maintain your perfect pond and water features. Whether it’s a small, serene fish water garden or a grand, waterfall-cascading pond, our experts are ready to make your backyard oasis vision come to life.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

From design to maintenance, we’re with you every step of the way:

  • Personalized Consultations & Designs: We’ll work with you to understand your vision and deliver a design that embodies it.
  • Installation Services: Our professionals will expertly execute your design, ensuring a seamless installation.
  • Seasonal Openings & Closings: From spring cleaning to fall closing, we’re on hand to help your pond thrive throughout the seasons.
  • Maintenance Services: Keep your pond pristine with our regular maintenance services.
  • DIY Consultations & Product Selection: Prefer to get your hands dirty? We provide guidance and product recommendations for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Free Water Testing & Analysis: We help maintain your pond’s health with our complimentary water testing service.

Tailored to You

All our ponds and water features are personalized to reflect your desires and style. We don’t do “one size fits all.” Your pond is an extension of you, and we work closely with you to ensure it’s unique and personal.

Any Size, Your Choice

We’re comfortable working on any scale, from compact 35-gallon ponds to massive 35,000-gallon water features. The size of your dreams is the only limit!

A Rich Ecosystem

Immerse yourself in the aquatic life with our range of eight different types of fish. Balance the vibrant life with serene greenery using our selection of plants. Light up your aquatic sanctuary with strategically placed lighting.

Decorate With Nature

Accentuate your water feature with our assortment of stones, including flagstone, wall stone, and boulders. Our bagged and accent stones are perfect for those finishing touches.

Ready to transform your backyard into a dreamy, tranquil oasis? Visit us in-store or call us today to kickstart your project!


Before & After

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We Do More Than Ponds!!

Bubbling Rocks, Pondless Waterfall, Remodel Aging Ponds

Before & After

On the left is one of our expert crews designing and building a pond. All design and layout, as well as the complete material list, is available at Hahn’s Ponds. With a little effort and proper planning, your pond will provide endless days of pleasure and relaxation as your garden oasis matures and blooms in natural beauty for years to come.

This project was completed in a span of about 2 weeks. At Hahn’s Ponds, we provide everything you need to build your own pond or we can help provide the experienced crew to help as much as you need.

Large Pond – Size – 12.75’ x 7.5’ – 1,200 gal.

Medium Pond – Size – 12’ x 10.5’ – 600 gal.

Pondless Water Fall